Integrated Groundwater Management Project​

Education and Workforce Development

Component 1: K-12 education and “Train the Trainers”

Goal: introduce the role of big-data science in the field of water resources.
Objective 1.1 “Train the Trainers” program.
Objective 1.2 Develop Environmental Engineering Modules

Component 2: Undergraduate minority student training programs related to big data science

Goal: train minority students in programs related to big data science.
Objective 2.1 Recruit Undergraduates.
Objective 2.2 Connect Undergraduates with Internships.

Component 3: Graduate student and post-doctorate education and mentoring

Goal: educate and mentor graduate students to solve large-scale hydrology problems using advanced tools.
Objective 3.1 Recruit Graduate Students.
Objective 3.2 Mentorship/education for grad/post-docs

Component 4: Tenure-track faculty mentoring and early career faculty summer support

Goal: mentor and provide opportunities for early-career faculty to be successful educators and researchers.
Objective 4.1 Recruit Early-Career Faculty for summer support.
Objective 4.2 Mentor Early-Career Faculty