Integrated Groundwater Management Project​

Module 1: Development of Groundwater Recharge Maps

Task 1: Use of process models for estimating recharge (UA).
Task 2: Development of physics-constrained deep learning models for estimating recharge.
Task 3: Obtaining more accurate recharge estimates by improving evapotranspiration estimates (UA).

Module 2: Development of High-Resolution Groundwater Models for Predicting Water Levels

Task 1: Establish a hydrogeologic database for Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.
Task 2: High-Resolution MODFLOW model development.

Module 3: Development of web-based data visualization tools

Module 4: Workforce Development

Task 1: K12 Education.
Task 2: Undergraduate Training.
Task 3: Graduate and Post-Graduate Student Training.
Task 4: Early Career Faculty Mentorship.